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Star Tribune Review of The Shark Club - "Thrilling Tale"

Ann Kidd Taylor, daughter of novelist Sue Monk Kidd, offers a thrilling tale of love, loss and, yes, sharks in her debut novel, “The Shark Club.”

Orphaned marine biologist Maeve Donnelly has devoted her life to the study of sharks ever since she was bitten by one when she was 12. Having just turned 30, she returns after a research trip to Bimini to her home base, the south Florida hotel run by her colorful, book-loving grandmother. Surprises await: Maeve’s charming rogue would-be writer twin, Robin, is about to leave his job running the hotel, and her former fiancé, Daniel, who broke her heart when he had an affair, is now the hotel’s chef.

Maeve bonds with Daniel’s 6-year-old daughter, Hazel, over a shared appreciation of ocean life, forming the Shark Club. As Maeve is drawn again to Daniel, she must confront her feelings for her sexy British colleague Nicholas. After she discovers a horrific shark-finning operation, she’s determined to stop it, despite increasingly frightening threats.

Taylor vividly describes the tropical, touristy setting as she weaves romance and danger, taking the reader on a thrilling Florida vacation with an environmental twist. “The Shark Club” makes a truly delightful beach read.

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