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Ann Kidd Taylor’s debut novel features sharks, loss and love

Just call it the anti-“Jaws.”

Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel, “Jaws,” and the film it spawned a year later, made people terrified to go into the water, because they were scared of a shark attack.

The movie’s tagline, “You’ll never go in the water again,” proved prophetic for many.

Ann Kidd Taylor’s debut novel, “The Shark Club,” has the opposite effect: it makes you wish you could swim with the sharks.

The Marco Island writer remembers seeing “Jaws” as a child.

“Like many, many people … I was terrified,” she says. “I remember sitting on the beach, until my brother finally lured me into the water. I’d get in the water and be afraid, and my fear was based on that scary movie. It was ignorance and fear.

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