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Traveling with Pomegranates

...It is dense with experiential wisdom, some episodes offering a burst of joyful tart juice, others offering the bitter fruit of disappointment. The entire story moves with a sure, light step to its conclusion in fewer than 300 pages and each account is tempered by a restrained grace that saves both writers from coming off as overwrought or self-indulgent. Perhaps this is because their writing is fearless, even as they both probe deep reservoirs of self-doubt. As Sue explores the roots of myth and spiritual traditions alongside her search for an evolved self, she's never heavy-handed, never proselytizes. Ann's ah-ha moments are equally balanced and erudite.

I'm not giving anything away to say that their final chapters yield an experience that is satisfyingly complete, yet leaves room to wonder what the next bite will hold. Just like a pomegranate.  - Lydia Dishman, Barnes & Noble Review 

 A road map for the psyche. . . An eye-opening, consciousness-raising approach to traveling, packed with insights and examples that teach us how we might better interpret the small miracles on our itinerary, whether it takes us around the world, or just around the block.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

 Thoughtful, honest, and uplifting  Los Angeles Times 

 In their powerful joint memoir, Traveling with Pomegranates, Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor, recall the crisis each faced a decade ago- Kidd on the cusp of 50, was creatively lost, and Taylor, fresh out of college, felt directionless. On trips through Greece, Turkey, and France, the two reconnected.  More 

 A return trip in 2000 finds both women changed, and a 2008 afterword rounds out this stunning account of inner journeys, separate and intertwined.  Booklist 

 As the writers sightsee, they connect to and challenge each other in ways that will make you want to hit the road with the important women in your life, even if the corner of Starbucks is the only realistic destination for you now. ”  Redbook 

 Engaging. Women can identify with the authors' story and glean guidance from the way they handled situations... By sharing their own experience, they offer a road map for other mothers and daughters who find themselves at this common juncture.  Southern Lady 

 Part travel story and part spiritual quest, Traveling with Pomegranates is a memoir told in both of their remarkable voices... A guidebook for the soul in transition.  Skirt! Magazine 

 A touching rapprochement between mother and daughter.  Kirkus Review 

 In a probing literary collaboration....the two create a gently affectionate filial dance around the other. Kidd and Taylor found strength and inspiration on their respective journeys in the lives of Athena, the Virgin Mary and Joan of Arc, but mostly through a new understanding and appreciation of each other. Theirs is a moving journey.  Publishers Weekly

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